About Graham Blackburn


Graham Blackburn is the author of ‘For Love or Money?’ and ‘The Castilian Suite’— two contemporary novels variously categorized as New Adult Fiction, Mystery, Brit Lit, and Family Saga.

He has also been building houses and furniture, and writing and illustrating books on all aspects of furniture for more than thirty years. Besides teaching at woodworking shows, clubs, and guilds across the country, he currently runs Blackburn Books (https://www.blackburnbooks.com), which publishes great books on woodworking as well as his new fiction.

9 thoughts on “About Graham Blackburn”

  1. Ron MacFarlane said:

    I was at your seminar in Milwaukee and you mentioned using Magnolia oil on your planes and other tools. All I can find is the fragrance oils. Where can I find the right kind of oil? I used your advice on sharpening and setting up a plane and Wow, what a difference!! Thanks for a great seminar!

  2. Lanny Steitz said:

    Hey, Graham, are you still in Woodstock? That Photo here looks like your shop when I was the electrical inspector, about 15 years ago. Just came into posession of a dozen or so Buck Bros plane irons, looking unused. Can you steer me to somebody that wants them?? Lanny from Bearsville 679-9325

    • Yeah, from time to time. I’ve been doing a lot of touring with the Woodworking Shows. Put your plane irons on eBay or Etsy, or better yet, take them to Saratoga for the next Northeastern woodworking show, coming up in the Spring, I think.

  3. Brandon Blackburn said:

    What are the chances you are related to a jack Blackburn? Somewhere down the line? I am starting up in hand tools and saw your last name. My wife’s uncle sent me a box of tools to get started. Some chisels, hand brace and a few other items.

  4. Shannon Doiron said:

    My hand tools are made from hardened steel and they are all made in usa. i used to use hand tools that are made in china but they break down more easily. .,,;.

    Thanks again

  5. Graham, Your article in Popular Working Magazine February Issue detailed a fixture called a Miter Block I have 2 of such fixtures but bought them as Miter jacks I don’t know how they would be used. It appears as though the plane would destroy the fixtures surface thru use. Any help on how they would be used would be appreciated.

    Scott Wilson

    • It is usual to clamp the work in the jack so that it protrudes slightly above the surface of the jack, and while the idea is to use the plane so that its iron is only riding over the work, the surface of the jack’s jaws is sometimes protected by lightly gluing on some thin card.

      Graham Blackburn cell: 845.430.3417 http://www.blackburnbooks.com

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