Woodworking Magazines Treasure Trove dating back to 1979

Now that so much is available on line — and because life is short and space is limited — I’m offering just for the cost of shipping and $50 for my time a large collection of woodworking magazines, including Fine Woodworking, issues 1 thru 109 complete, plus another 40+ , together with the original Indexes; Woodwork, issues 1 thru 63, and Popular Woodworking, isssues 39 thru present (2015), and 20 or so assorted other woodworking magazines.



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For all my woodworking fans, my new woodworking book, published by Popular Woodworking at F & W Media hot off the press:

Looking forward to premiering it at the American Woodworking Show in Winston-Salem in September — hope to see you all there!

Summer Sale !


Here’s a special summer offer and an opportunity to get things done before winter….
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